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Environmental awareness - lake pollution experiment

Lake pollution play is a computer game where the user explores the processes in a freshwater lake, which regulate the level of oxygen and possibly harmful substances in water. The game appears in virtual reality and can be performed in single user as well as in the multi-user mode. The user navigates in virtual reality world as a pilot of a "spaceship" which represented in the form of an animal, since we are dealing with the living system.

The aim of the game is that the user enters the virtual world and needs to survive there. In order to survive he needs energy which he can get from the factory, which in turn pollutes the lake? Too high a pollution of the lake results in the loss of the health of the user, what is visualized in the increased degree of transparency of his sprites and is also shown on the screens of his monitors. So just living with no concern means to get ill because of the increasing pollution. The way of survival is to use your knowledge to help to clean the lake. A simple example how to try to survive is to let the cleaning plant work, but this also costs your resources and is too expensive for your health. You need to know that water plants help cleaning the lake and so you fire the missiles in order to plant them. If you plant them on the right location, you get bonus survival points and the lake gets cleaner.

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