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Specialization and analysis tools applied to PIC programs and Petri nets via CLP emulators

The functionality of a PIC processor, commonly used in applications such as wearable computing, has been modelled as an emulator written in Constraint Logic Programming (CLP). The PIC emulator can be specialised with respect to a given PIC program, using an online or offline partial evaluator, which are part of an analysis and specialisation toolset for logic programs developed in the ASAP project. The result is a CLP representation of the PIC program, which can be analysed using CLP abstract interpretation tools. The emulator serves as a demonstrator for a general approach to developing program analysis tools for a variety of different languages, using CLP representations of their semantics and a single set of CLP specialisation and analysis tools. The potential benefit of this approach is that advances in the CLP toolset are immediately transferred to the tools for other languages.

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