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Interactive radiopharmacist courseware

The drivers-plans for the exploitation of VirRAD are sustainability and the future development of the Project’s virtual learning-knowledge-practice community. Sustainability is the key issue. Without that the mid-long term objectives are unachievable and considerable emphasis has been placed upon VirRAD immediate "sustainable" future.

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine has agreed to host the platform on the EANM web servers and to support its use and further development for the immediate future. We will use this opportunity to explore the usefulness of the platform unencumbered by the restrictions of a formal research programme. The system has been continually evolving in response to the needs of the programme and the aspirations of the consortium, which has been confusing for the users. We now need a period of stability in which users can become familiar with the platform and we can make a real-life assessment of its benefits. This assessment will take place over the next year.

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Cancer Research UK
Department Nuclear Medicine, St Bartholomews Hospital
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United Kingdom
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