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Ambient Navigation Toolkit (ANT)

The ANT is an interface between the MMS (system sensors) and: a standard Operating System (MS Windows XP) and its applications, by providing keyboard (including an on-screen keyboard) and/or mouse emulation functions; and a Smart Web Browser that will facilitate user interaction with Internet services. The project has built a new browser relying on Open Source components and rendering engines of different Operating Systems. The Browser has created different interfaces and views of Web pages to facilitate navigation to the target user group.

The ANT includes several applications.

A training system where the user, together with the advice of a specialist, can: test and select different combination of sensors, tailor sensitivity, and train his/her skills in the manipulation of the ANT system (by means of simple computer tasks and games).

A personal profile manager and control system, where the user can customize different ANT parameters: mouse speed and acceleration, IPCA system positioning, word-prediction system, on-screen keyboard scanning speed and layout, shortcuts, additional input systems interaction (non-MMS). The system will allow the activation and deactivation of different IPCA components.

An on-screen keyboard with scanning and word prediction capabilities. The keyboard can be customized to fire OS/application-related events. The keyboard is a development of the project.

Smart Web Browser, where the user have the following functionalities: browsing preferences and personal information tailoring, bookmarks management, page information filtering, site navigation assistance, link management and classification, smart form-mode and email processing mode and management (via complementary Open Source application).

Finally, the ANT includes an Emotional Response Monitoring System (ERMS), as an exploratory action to demonstrate alternative Human-Computer Interaction paradigms, not only to evaluate user-satisfaction, but also to enhance the system's response.

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