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Multichannel Monitoring System (MMS)

IPCA consists of mainly two subsystems: a Multi-channel Monitoring System (MMS) to emulate mouse and keyboard input to the computer through a set of sensors; and an Ambient Navigation Toolkit (ANT) to facilitate the use of standard Internet and OS applications.The MMS system has been built using surface EMG sensor and dual axis accelometer technology that acquire minimal muscle and movement from the user that is translated into human-computer interface commands. The device has been optimized to deal with potential artifacts and in the EMG signal. MMS adapts to the physiological signals in order to minimize required actions from the user. MMS uses a standard digital interface to the computer (PS2).

To our knowledge the MMS device is the first device on the market that combines EMG with micro-movement for remote computer control using a standard computer interface. We regard this as one of its innovative qualities. The current status of the MMS device is that several demonstrators have been built, but the final product will be redesigned in terms of housing, colours and design. We expect that the IPCA product (MMS in combination with the ANT) will provide the target group (of disabled people) more and better access to Internet and computer technology. Further potential spin-off applications for other users and hand free computing will be investigated.

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