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HCD suite

The HCD Suite provides a full-fledged service for identifying and satisfying knowledge gaps and matches them with offers from different service providers according to the needs of the company and the individual learner. The latter is achieved by the consumption of heterogeneous learning resources ranging from traditional seminars over e-learning courses to in-house tutoring, which are all made available through the HCD Suite. Additionally, the HCD Suite will also support the needs and goals analysis, evaluation, transfer analysis and budget management of training activities.

The HCD Suite implements a defined workflow that engages potential learners, managers, and human resource developers in a collaborative decision process on whether or not to consume a particular learning resource. It is based on a goal-driven human capital development approach and follows the ELENA designed human capital development (HCD) life cycle. The defined workflow also triggers the evaluation of learning resources on the various stages of the HCD life cycle.

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