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The Digalo software

DIGALO is a tool for synchronous discussions using the Internet. Users located anywhere in the world may participate using a common argumentative map located on a dedicated web server.

The argumentative map shows the state of the discussion using "cards". Arguments, comments, questions and other kinds of information will be entered in the cards visible to all participants. The argumentative map can be inspected by some mouse clicks in highlighting the contributions of one specific participant. Special card forms are available to indicate special types of information.

DIGALO is configurable to fit in different discussion contexts: participant names and icons, usable card forms and their appearance, access rights for the participants. All DIGALO discussion results may be printed and exported to standard format files (GXL, CSV) for further analysis. Even deleted contributions are available. DIGALO may be embedded in other software tools like the DUNES Oasis. DIGALO also may be run in a standard mode on a local intranet server or on an Internet server. System requirements are very low, and the DIGALO performance is very fast.

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