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The PASEO software

Paseo (Portable Application Set for E-Organisations) enables real-time communication for collaboration through a comprehensive set of tools. On the user side, Paseo displays as an integrated desktop for running, at will, session management, chat, application/desktop sharing, vote, presence and/or a collaborative agenda.

Powerful collaborative sessions can be conducted with different moderation modes. All tools display in dedicated frames integrated into a single window, thus preventing usual multiplication of windows on one's desktop.

- The Chat offers among others multiple rooms, one-to-many as well as private conversations, moderator messages.

- Application and desktop sharing enables concurrent work on any application including Office tools, on any desktop shall it be Windows, Linux, Unix or MacOS. Session passwords, floor-control mechanisms for turn-taking, supervision and moderation ensure security and comfort of use.

- Connection of contacts, friends and colleagues can be supervised through the Presence utility.

- The Vote tool offers various modes of opinion polling, expressions of interests, and traditional votes.

- The Agenda of a session, its progress and key decisions on items can be visualised online by all participants.

Results of collaborative sessions are logged as standardised XML files, easily exploitable for post-analysis and reports.

Paseo leans on a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Java developments. These services are designed for running on heterogeneous operating systems and networks, including the Internet. Most services are invoked by client applications through SOAP-XML requests. Some specific protocols are used in the particular case of application and desktop sharing. Nevertheless the latter is also Web-enabled through innovative, adaptive and dynamic configuration features making best use of software proxies.

On private networks, usage of multicast protocols and of RMI guarantees outstanding performances.

Paseo integrates an UDDI server (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) as a directory of information for defining and accessing any service. Thanks to the versatility of its technical features, Paseo can easily integrate additional tools. In the Dunes system, for instance, Digalo (for argumentation, negotiation, discussion by means of argumentative maps), is integrated as yet another tool.

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