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The Oasis software

During the implementation of Dunes, Tessera developed the software for the Dunes Oasis portal. DUNES Oasis was designed to provide central services for collaboration and all learning material for the participants offering the following major groups of services: User and Profile Management, Content Management and Case Management (Pedagogical Scenarios).

The software was developed using php and MySQL and is fully functional at this point. The software can be used either as a tool for Dunes system or as an autonomous portal, offering all the necessary services for the asynchronous part of an e-Learning environment.

Potential application sectors for Dunes Oasis software are:
- in the educational sector, combined with Digalo or any other synchronous application to provide a complete e-Learning environment used for all possible training scenarios (secondary education, college education, vocational training, adult education, etc)
- in the corporal sector, as a user and content management tool with the option to add new features or adapt the existing ones in order to tailor specific companies' needs.

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