Wspólnotowy Serwis Informacyjny Badan i Rozwoju - CORDIS

Development and implementation of industrial/business applications of the DUNES system

The DUNES system provides a unique environment for conducting synchronous written discussions in Inter/intra-net. The argumentative interaction is supported by the "Digalo" tool - a graphical editor that allows its users to create and handle argumentative maps. These maps provide an easy-to-grasp picture of the discussion as it progresses - who said what, when, to whom, etc. - together with additional information on the discussion's form and structure. Digalo may be used stand-alone or in combination with other tools within "Paseo" (the client desktop), friendly accessible through the "Oasis" portal, intended to ease the utilisation of the system and the management of learning/training sessions, addressing several administrative and other functions (allocating users' rights, handling files, chat and vote facilities, application sharing, etc.).

Developed with education in mind, the "natural users" of DUNES are students and teachers and, in work environments, trainees. It was realized, however, that the system has great potential also in other settings at work, notably for decision-making (e.g., among managers under the direction/moderation of a higher-level manager) and for the conduction of (and training in) negotiation sessions. The ontologies on which Digalo builds the graphical representation of the discussions are readily customizable to these aims. All these business-oriented products - involving training, decision-making, negotiation - are covered by this "result" of DUNES.

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