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Regional analysis results

The Regional Analysis Results are the outcomes of Tasks 1.1 and 1.2 defined in the technical annex of the project.

In order to fulfill the activities under Task 1.1 "Definition of the regional actors needs and requirements" ARC Fund undertook the following actions:

- Exploitation of existing knowledge
ARC Fund scanned for existing surveys and reports the Ministry for Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Economy, the Agency for SMEs, the Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, the Center for Economic Development and many other Bulgarian organisations. The outcomes were summarised in a 25 pages report.

- Direct survey
ARC Fund selected 444 companies from the region in the predefined 4 LAURA sectors. These 444 companies were selected from the IRC-Bulgaria database, the databases of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber (BTC), the Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies (BATA), the Bulgarian Association of Food and Drink Industry (BAFDI), the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industries (BBCWFI), the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber (BBCC) and BIC Capital Market Ltd. This selection represents all possible active companies from the sectors in the region according to these databases. The elaborated questionnaire was distributed by post and e-mail to 344 companies from the agriculture, food-processing, timber, wood-processing, furniture and tourism sectors. The electronic version of the questionnaire was also uploaded on the ISPO website (Information Society Promotion Office) - The breakdown of the companies is: 98 Agriculture companies, 101 Food-processing companies, 57 Timber and Wood-processing companies, 41 Furniture companies, and 47 Tourist companies. Experts and interviewers from the research company (Vitosha Research) were used to perform the face-to-face survey with 100 companies from the construction sector. The questionnaire was disseminated also to all participants in the 4 sectorial group meetings held in the selected LAURA sectors.

The needs and requirements of regional actors were analysed in broader terms to cover not only the technical issues of industrial innovation but also economic and organisational aspects like management, marketing, innovation financing, etc. A standardised questionnaire was elaborated for the purpose and was used for all participating regions, which allowed for collecting detailed and precise information on actors' needs, as well as for easy interpretation.

The study provided information for assessing the regional business environment with regard to interregional e-commerce development based on the concept of adaptive zones and with respect to the employment of the enabling technologies for developing RBVOs and SLAs for carrying out business operations and transactions. The work under this task ended up with identifying regional priorities and elaboration of recommendations for measures for regional actions. The training needs of the organisations were also addressed.

The activities of ARC Fund under Task 1.2 "Analysis of technology- and market-related trends" were mainly focused upon detailed study of the sectors in the region and on gathering information on the technology- and marked-related trends by organising Sectorial Group Meetings.

ARC Fund prepared detailed reports on the 7 sectors (Agriculture, Food-processing, Timber and Wood-processing, Furniture production, Tourism, Construction Materials and Construction) for the 6 South-Central Regions (Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pazardjik, Smoljan, Haskovo and Kurdjali). These reports refer mainly to:
- Size and structure of the sectors in the region;
- Main companies in the sector and their characteristics;
- Major markets and factors favouring or hampering market performance of the companies in the sector.
Analysis based on opinions of experts from branch chambers and associations was prepared on the Priorities of the innovation strategy of the firms in each sector and the Collaboration between the sector and the research community.

ARC Fund produced also a detailed analysis of the sectors in the South-Central Region of Bulgaria, which was separately reported as an Annex to the Deliverable 2.1.

The outcomes of the abovementioned activities were summarised together with the outcomes of the studies of the other partners held in their regions in Deliverables 1.1 and 1.2.

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