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LAURA support centre saxony anhalt

As the main outcome of the activities under the tasks in the project LAURA, GTZH established a LAURA Support Centre in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany.

The products and services of the Epirus SC as far as the aims described above will be the following:
- Provision of Technical Support and training to the LAURA system user-businesses.
- Provision of e-Commerce services through LAURA system.
- Provision of e-Commerce services and more generally broader internet services.
- Creation and maintenance of database and creation and publication of audiovisual informative material from the database content for distribution and sale to parties interested.
- Organization of informative events in relation to the electronic and internet business activities.
- Related Publications.

Customer support procedures:

- Setting up the contacts with potential customers
- Individual appointments with the potential customers to explain the role of SC in greater detail
- Marketing campaigns
- Support or customers at SC premises

SC Organisation:

There will be four departments in the SC initially:

- Department of Sales and Customer Support
- Department of Technical Support
- Secretariat
- Administration

Working positions:

- The SC will be operated by one person in the first phase
- Subsequantly this person will be supported by a secretary and an associate for customer support
- Fully established SC will include:
-- CEO - 1
-- Secretary - 1
-- Customer support - 2
-- Technical support - 1
-- Part time accountant - 1

Targeted market sectors:

Initially the targeted industrial sectors are:
- agriculture - food-processing;
- construction materials - construction.

These sectors are an outcome from the initially made survey. The targeted customers have to be export/import-oriented. The other industrial sectors will also be addressed, as the opportunities emerge.

The establishment of a LAURA Support Centre is a very important and innovative activity for the region as they contribute to the regional economy and support the improvement of the local SMEs competitiveness and business efficiency through the introduction of state-of-the-art electronic commerce.

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