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Variant generator, SLAs, eMarketing contact manager modules

ECommerce zones are not singular networks with individual offerings, but a more standardized solution of the structure of offering and demand. For making this work there has to be a more uniform group of potential offering companies (customers) within one region that is that advanced to be able to power this intention of an entire group.
Interregional eCommerce zones are the intensification of the wish of more than one functioning network of offering companies plus their support centre to cooperate within the idea of bi-directional supply chains.

Nine different packages were worked out, that contend different services that LAURA can be used for. The products holding up the entire program are:
- Content Manager: the Content Manager is the tool to generate individual homepages and web bases by each user that will be linked to the LAURA platform. Note the surface of this software can be used without knowing HTML.
- Virtual Shop: Every product that is to be sold over the Internet can be pictured graphically easily by any user of this tool. Further on the shop is structured as a catalogue to make it easy to find products, branch, price etc. Products being sold over the Virtual Shop are good to handle - talking about the act of selling. The shop can be bought in more than one language.
- Variant Generator: The process of buying is made easy by using the variant generator. The individual request toward the product can be typed in a specific structure that provides aspects of the product that help guarding the potential customer to the specific product he intents to buy (as long as the product can be found at one of the LAURA partners at all).
- Individual Task Manager: The contract between customer and salesman is made economic by this tool. Every instruction for making a contract is characterized step by step to finally being send to the customer in his language. The partners do not have sing the contract by ink but by typing in the name only, which turns the time taking act into a quick and comfortable on.
- Value Edition Service: Designed for the efficiency incensement, this tool provides an electronic news lettering, instructions etc.
- Virtual Contact Manager: Every company works with customer-specific data such as addresses, telephone numbers and the last bought articles. The simple act of typing in, connect and pull out the data in time is a very time and personal intensive. The Virtual Contact Manager is a tool to easily handle the just specified activities almost automatically (time reduction of 50% at least).
- Marketing Briefing Template: By defining the target group, language, point of interest and the project, by using the Marketing Briefing Template, the offerer can configure the optimal way to perform on the market plus configuring the approximate cost to do so.
- eVolution Scanner: A tool to generate a highly adaptive online questionnaire to define the requested service by asking the target group specific online questions.
- Virtual Office: Online database to be filled with information that would be stored on the company computers. This data can be reached from any computer in the world without installing any other software. Other services contributed by the Virtual Office are shared calendar functions, user groups, forums, etc. and the ability to terminate and overlook the different ongoing projects by each company individually.

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