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Deliverable D2.2 - Global management architecture of measurement

The goal of this deliverable is to define the management architecture for QoS measurement such that users and service providers can have a common understanding of the performance and reliability provided by the Internet clouds that are traversed.

Defining the management architecture involves the following:
- Looking at existing passive and active measurement architectures and potentially extending and/or enhancing and possibly correlating them.
- Examining the requirements for intra domain measurements.
- Defining methodologies for intra-domain and inter-domain measurements.
- Standardizing the exchange of measurement results among heterogeneous measurement systems and across administrative domains, thus allowing for concatenation of global metrics.
- Defining the set-up process for creating end-to-end measurements across administrative domains.
- Standardizing the format and semantics of test packets for interoperability between probes.
- The Definition of a Management Level System Architecture
- The examination of aspects related to mobility, security, and IPv6.

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