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Deliverable D5.4.X Dissemination activity report

The QoS measurement technology developed with in the 6QM project will provide key components to support the fast transition towards IPv6 based networks in Europe and worldwide. Given the impact and relevance of the issues addressed, the 6QM consortium considers the task of dissemination as highly important. This deliverable describes achievements by the project 6QM in the dissemination of project results into target communities. It encompasses the 2nd half of the project covering the period from November 2003 to December 2004. In addition it contains supplements of on-going activities performed during the finalizing period to April 2005, in particular this relates to standardization work, which will be continued by individual partners beyond the lifetime of the project.

In response to the different information needs of each of its target customer groups the project has planned for a comprehensive communication strategy to ensure that awareness for project activities and an uptake of project results is achieved. The companion document D5.4.1 reported on the first project phase of the first 14 project months. In this document we describe how this strategy has been continued in the 2nd project period. The report summarizes material produced and actions undertaken to distribute results to the various audiences. It gives an account on presentations and demonstrations, established liaisons within the 5th Framework Programme and 6th Framework Programme, material accessible via the website, contributions to international standardization and results from the 6QM organized workshop event on IP measurement. Appended to the document are the partners' exploitation plans of project results.

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