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Deliverable D2.5 - Requirements on security

The main security issue in QoS measurement architecture is to secure signalling between all the actors permitting to collect data. Such architecture cannot work and provide concrete results to the ISP if its elements are incontrollable and give back bad data. The second important point is to ensure that data collected are the good ones (authentication of the sender, integrity of data and anti-replay) in order to set-up QoS-based services. Similarly, confidentiality of such measurements must be guaranteed in order to protect business.

Customers may disagree with having the traffic of their applications to be analysed and so to be metered. Privacy may be important for customers so ISP have to respect it. Denial of Service (DoS) is not the main security issue but may be an important danger for an ISP with the loss of the quality of the services provided. Customers cannot accept to have their link to Internet disturbed or their IP based services disabled due to an attack on the provider networks. Thus, the detection and the suppression of DoS is necessary for an ISP.

The information collected by QoS measurement systems can be used to detect DoS attacks. In this deliverable we devote one chapter to this issue. Measurements of the performance of IP based services require high tech systems. These systems should not be used to destroy the network they are measuring. This document illustrates all these points.

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