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Deliverable D2.8 - Needs of conformance of 6QM with IPPM (IETF) charter

The objective of this document is to give a brief overview of the ongoing standardization work at the IETF in the IPPM (IP Performance Measurement) working group. The working group general information is outlined, including the goals and milestones, as well as the current Internet drafts and RFC documents. The IPPM framework is defined, beginning with general measurement concepts, and then explicit definitions for all the metrics that have currently been defined.

This set of metrics includes:

- Metrics for Measuring Connectivity. Metrics that determine whether pairs of hosts (IP addresses) can reach each other form the basis of a measurement suite for connectivity.

- Metrics for Measuring One-way Delay. The measurement of one-way delay from one host to another can be useful for a variety of reasons, some of which include:
Certain applications do not perform well if end-to-end delay between hosts is large relative to some threshold value.
Erratic variation in delay makes it difficult to support many real-time applications
The larger the value of the delay, the more difficult it is for transport-layer protocols to sustain high bandwidths.

- Metrics for Measuring One-Way Packet Loss. Understanding one-way packet loss from a source to a destination host can be beneficial for many of the same reasons as listed above for one-way delay.

- Metrics for Measuring Round Trip Delay. Round-trip delay of a Type-P packet from a source host to a destination host.

- Metrics for Measuring IP Packet Delay Variation. The definition of the IP Packet Delay Variation (ipdv) can be given for packets inside a stream of packets. The ipdv of a pair of packets within a stream of packets is defined for a selected pair of packets in the stream going from measurement point MP1 to measurement point MP2. The ipdv is the difference between the one-way-delay of the selected packets. Certain works are still in progress, including the definition of a one-way active measurement protocol, and an IPPM REGISTRY (list of all object identifiers for known RFC metrics), and an IPPM REPORTING MIB. The IPPM Working Group is the most appropriate place to submit standardization contributions related to IPv6 QOS measurement. This document identifies 2 contributions related to the 6QM project.

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