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Deliverable D3.1 - IPv6 QoS measurement specification

This first WP3 deliverable aims at providing the specifications of the 6QM Measurement System Prototype. In order to create these specifications WP3 tried to reuse as much as possible the concepts and guidelines developed in the WP2. As defined in the project technical annex the target is to develop a prototype measurement system capturing IPv6 packets in order to perform QoS measurements. Consequently the scope of WP3 is to address QoS measurements by means of passive measurement techniques. However as shown in WP2 active measurement techniques are very important for network operators.

As a consequence, even if this technology is not in the original scope of the 6QM project, the current prototype specification addresses the possibility to include some active probing in the 6QM measurement infrastructure as a scope extension. Before specifying the prototype, this deliverable gives an overview of some relevant existing QoS measurement systems and compares them. This comparison points out that the active measurement is traditionally covered by many existing systems unlike the passive measurement.

Moreover this study shows a need for passive QoS measurement systems in multi-point mode and a need for systems combining both passive and active techniques. This deliverable also fixes the 6QM measurement system scope by defining several levels of priorities for the prototype functions - referred as "Core Scope", "Extended Scope", "Advanced Scope" and "Future development". The definition of those boundaries addresses a strong need to clarify the prototype direction and to help in assigning the future development resource. Once this background information is clarified, the main part of the document presents the prototype specification by defining the initial metrics to be used in the prototype and by providing the system overview.

The result of the system overview is to provide the basic system components defined as "6QM Measurement Manager", "6QM Evaluator" for the management and respectively data collection component. This system overview also defines some generic meter components, which could be passive or active (optionally). Then the deliverable describes the mandatory components in more detail, their external interface and their internal structure. Finally the document shows the relation between WP3 work and WP2 requirements.

The present document defines the baseline for the prototype development. As far as the WP3 is concerned the next steps are the definition of the prototype detailed design and the development itself. The next deliverable (D3.2) will extensively address those issues.

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