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Deliverable D3.3 - revised specification

During the 6QM project many aspects of the IPv6 QoS measurement have been addressed. This document proposes a revision of the initial specifications presented in the deliverable D3.1 "IPv6 QoS Measurement Specification". The purpose of this document is to present some areas that could be improved or extended and specifies the means or techniques necessary to perform such an improvement. The investigated topics are presented hereafter. During the revised specification activity, important efforts have been put to enhance the inter-domain design that was introduced in D3.1. The design details the interface for set-up and the data export format between inter-domain agents. This document also makes proposals on how to reach security for the 6QM measurement system.

The addressed topics are the secured communication between system components, and the restriction for accessing system components and user management. An important effort concerned the improvement of the system scalability. This examination includes techniques to increase performance for the network probes with the usage of sampling; but it also contains consideration on how to increase overall system performance by establishing extended levels of component hierarchies and a decentralized architecture. Finally a paragraph inspecting methods for measurement result storage concludes the argumentation about scalability. The document at hand follows the announcement given in the previous deliverable D3.1 to look for additional metrics of interest.

A section presents metrics that we selected for further analysis including the metric for evaluating the available bandwidth. In a separate section, this document also provides some information about some prototype enhancements that have been performed after the original development time. Additional considerations that establish similarities and dissimilarities between existing tools that are listed by the MOME coordination action of IST and the measurement platform developed within the project frame of 6QM are given in a chapter of this document. The document concludes that there is still space for further improvement in design and implementation as introduced in the deliverable D3.4 addressing the guidelines for further research.

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