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Deliverable D3.4 - Guidelines of IPv6 QoS measurement

This deliverable is the closing deliverable of WP3. During the 6QM project many aspects of the IPv6 QoS measurement have been addressed. The purpose of this document is to identify the areas where further research could be performed in the future.

The document classifies the further research aspects into two categories:
- Guidelines for further system improvement.
- Guidelines for further application area.

Concerning the system improvement the document identifies the following area:
- Given the increase of traffic flowing in the network, the system should be able to deal with this increasing amount of data. This could be addressed by developing a hardware-based meter.
- The inter-domain measurement remains a challenging issue and there is not yet some agreed standard to enable such a measurement. This topic still needs a great amount of work in order to deal with the existing heterogeneous systems and to create some technology that could be applicable by carriers at large scale.
- The reliability of the system could be increased too.
- The sampling should be investigated further.
- This current measurement system addresses IPv4 and IPv6 however it could be interested to look forward at the new emerging address families.
- The mobility was not addressed within the project and could be investigated in the future. The document identifies the related issues.
- The control of heterogeneous systems should also be investigated in the future.

Concerning the further application area the document identifies the following area:
- The usage of the QoS monitoring to support autonomic communication.
- The usage of the QoS monitoring to support the multi-homing in regard of the access selection.
- The usage of the QoS monitoring to assist automatic MPLS path configuration.
- The usage of the monitoring at application level would also bring value and this would need further investigation to target specific applications.

Many areas remains opened in the field of the QoS monitoring. However one very important aspect that is pointed out in this document is the possibility to integrate core measurement components into existing system such as control and configuration systems. This integration could really bring benefit to the community.

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