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Deliverable D2.4 - The need of consolidation

Metrics are the basic elements that permit to have information from somewhere about something. In order to get relevant information, metrics are specific, dedicated to a special task, for example a round trip time or the time taken to download a file.

Some of them can be used as it is, but sometimes we would like to have more information because:
- There is a lack of measurement somewhere in the network.
- The metric is not detailed enough (for instance the download time of a file is abnormally high but we don't know if it is due to the network or the application server).
- The metric used does not look like the traffic we want to measure (for example, getting a round-trip time with a PING when we want to qualify a VoIP flow).

The consolidation is a response to these issues:
- Get the understanding of an (abnormal) event when not all the information is available.
- Get the relevant information extracted from numerous metrics collected.

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