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State-of-the-art on plasma technologies for textile

The state-of-the-art was focused on the treatments applied on textiles (at laboratory and industrial scales) and the industrial equipments available.

Plasma actions and example of applications on textile (natural, artificial and synthetic)
- Etching/cleaning: cleaning of the surface before finishing, increase of shade of PET, anti-felting,

- Fonctionnalisation : oleophobic properties, hydrophobic, hydrophilic for compatibilization, adhesion promotion (epoxy/RFL process on PET or aramide), dyeability improvement,

- Crosslinking : improvement of ageing, barrier effect (solvent resistance, no release),

- Deposition of thin polymer film (fluor, silicone),

- Inorganic deposition (metal for biocompatibility, metallic oxides, glass¿).
Available industrial equipments available (non exhaustive) for textile treatment

- Japan: Unitika, Hitachi : first industrial equipments in 1987,

- United States: Sigma-Aldrich which proposed several kinds of treatments

- Europe: FZM GmbH (Germany), Tecnoplasma (Italy), Hot Line industrie (France), equipment of the PLASMATECH consortium (Dow Corning Plasma Solutions, Europlasma, Eltro, AcXys, Frauhnofer).

Capabilities of the industrial equipment builders of the members of the Group of Textile
- Europlasma : low pressure, gas phase, batch and reel to reel within batch,

- AcXys : atmospheric, treatment of finished products, 3D treatment, coating of finished goods eg shoes, sport goods,

- Eltro : low pressure, continuous way, treatments of tops,

- Dow Corning Plasma Solutions: atmospheric pressure, wide area reel to reel continuous process, liquid chemical deposition with retained chemical functionality, single pass multi-layers coatings.

The equipment builders offers are complementary.

European projects on plasma technologies and textile: 11 projects (including the EC-ACTECO project elaborated during the PLASMATECH) were listed in which the majority of the members of the group of textile has participated.

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