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State-of-the-art on plasma technologies for food

The update of the state-of-the art on plasmas used for food applications has allowed to identify different fields of use of the technology:

- Plasma treatment of packaging: barrier coatings, optical coatings (metallisation, interference...), smart coatings (thermo-, light-sensitive...), disinfections,
- Plasma treatment of food: sterilisation, changing wettability, solubility and shelf life,
- Plasma treatment of devices: sterilisation, treatment of devices for analytics, coatings for filtration, waste gas treatment in food production,

- Plasma technical topics: plasma at vacuum conditions, plasma at atmospheric pressure, plasma analytics and analytics by plasma

In the pre-listed topics, the discussions were mainly focused on the 2 following topics:

- Sterilization: Presentations from different groups about plasma sterilisation with different plasma sources working in different pressure regimes were discussed. Compared to the state-of-the art conventional sterilization methods (especially hydrogen peroxide for industrial applications), the plasma processes lead to low thermal loads of sterilized materials and no dangerous or toxic chemicals have to be used.

- Different kinds of barrier films/coatings were listed:
-- Barrier films studied at laboratory scale: on polyethylene against organic solvents (CH/CF-barriers), against oxygen (SiOx coatings), barrier films on membranes for fuel cells to reduce methanol permeability, barrier films for thin film solar cells

-- Barrier coatings on PET films developed by Tetrapak Switzerland (SiOx coatings) for liquid packaging applications: Industrial PECVD equipment (low heat input, batch process with a speed of 200 m/min).

-- PECVD barrier coating of plastic containers e.g. PET-bottles used by Tetrapak Germany (Glaskin Coating Process) and by Sidel (Actis Process).

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