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Development of a web site ( )

The web site was developed with a horizontal structure (opposed to vertical framed organisation). The addressee is: operational since June 2003. The structure and the content of each page are the followings:

- 5 main pages and subpages :

- Home page: link to the 4 main informational pages easily recognised by (plasma) images, and to the 5 general information pages (contacts, site map, etc.). The opening of the webpage features a FlashTM animation showing images related to 4 fields of applications, which makes the site more aesthetic and attractive. The Plasmatech introduction sentence is the one that will appear in the results description on internet search engines.

- Project description: general description of the Plasmatech network

- Who¿s who: this page is organised in tables for easier access and better lisibility describing each working group and with direct link to the ¿member contact pages¿.

- Member contact page: Each member is referenced in 2 pages with a common structure. This sub page is shared in 2 parts:
-- Public part: general contact details and activity description

-- Private part: Reference to find gaps/needs/interest/offers from partners.

- News and Agenda: this page informs on the next meeting dates and agenda, and other interesting events for the consortium. In particular, the information relative to the preparation and the dissemination of the PLASMATECH symposium was implemented on the web site.
- Forum: is the main communication channels within the network for discussions and exchange of information. 2 parts:
-- Public part: accessible to everyone (Plasmatech members and non) / tool for promotion of the network thematic (link with WP 5 ¿ dissemination).

-- Private part : exchange of specific information restricted to Plasmatech partners (login/password) / access to downloadable files provided by Plasmatech partners (state-of-the art, databases, market studies, etc...)

- 5 pages for usual tools and information: search, links, contact, site map, glossary

The web site was implemented on the JRC server and the maintenance was carried out by a subcontract for the duration of the project.

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