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Formulation based on the interaction of ammonium polyphosphates (APP) and a mineral filler during the thermal degradation of binder resin

The goal of the project is to limit the use of halogenated derivatives as fire retardant additives for synthetic fibres. An alternative plan consists in the use of fire retardant system based on intumescent concept, in which flame retarding occurs in the condensed phase. The intumescent char has a special active role in the process of thermal degradation - combustion of the material: it constitutes a protection shield for the matrix, being a barrier for heat radiation from the flame to the surface of the burning material and for mass transfer of combustible volatiles from the surface of the degradating material to the flame.

Flame retarding by intumescence is generally based on the application of 3 basic ingredients: a catalyst, usually phosphates derivatives, a charring agent and a blowing agent.

In this project the use of ATH as co-additive to impart thermal resistance to the intumescent formulation has been evaluated.

The mechanism of thermal degradation of the binder resin, APP and ATH, as well as the mechanism of their interaction have been studied.

Information provided from these studies are fundamental for the optimisation of the formulations.

The setting up of the treatment is directly interesting for chemical industry and indirectly for industrials which want to abandon chlorinated and brominated derivatives for textile back coating.

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