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e-Volution Integration platform

The main objective of this work is to provide an integration platform capable of extracting the results of the analysis conducted from the two analysis modules, the Organisation and Market module.

Following the existing developed methodology, the platform is capable at connecting the two modules employing ADO connectivity mechanisms capable of providing connection to MSDE 2000 DBMS, on which the two distinct modules applications are developed. The platform offers apart from the connection functionality, a graphical editing framework with which the user can build graphical entities: concepts, attributes and relationships between the concepts, in order to form business scenarios to be used for mapping the specific business situation.

These graphical representations of scenarios form ontologies, which offer a common conceptualisation of the potential analysis to be performed, based on the identified scenario. These ontologies can then be mapped with the actual data from the two databases giving the user the freedom to build and apply simple operations on these data through the ontologies. Through these simple operations, which are governed by the specification of OWL ontology language, the user is able to view the desired data and use them in the appropriate way, based on the e-Volution methodology.

The constructed ontologies can then be published to be available to other users inside the SME. After constructing the business scenario the user identifies the business process with highest importance, based on the identified Goals from the Organisation Module. A Swot Analysis is then constructed specific to this business process, the outcome of which is the identification of a preliminary strategy.

This strategy is then focused on the e-enabled techniques and practices of the business process under analysis using the e-strategy - application matrix. The results of this identification are further exploited by a creative process for defining the business roadmaps.

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