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Formulation for polypropylene polymer totally free of halogen based on intumescent concept using the component C

The ultimate goal of Nerefite is to obtain fibres with interesting fire retardant properties using extrusion and spinning devices. Different additives in addition to polypropylene have been studied. We have noticed that one of the limiting parameters in order to obtain fibres is the particles size of additives.

The technological tools for grinding is not sufficient in order to decrease the particle size under microns. So Brunel University with the collaboration of Devan has set up an innovative formulation based on injection of fire retardant liquid during the extrusion of polypropylene.

This formulation presents two main advantages:
- Fire retardant behaviour of polymer are very good.

- The mechanical properties of samples are very good.

- The setting up of this result is very interesting for plastic industry. Different applications could be envisaged for automotive, building and home furniture.

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