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Synthesis of dendrimer macromolecules to be used for bio-medical coatings. With respect to the state of the art, the dendrimer coatings present an interesting environmental responsive behaviour

The main goal of the project is represented by the development of macromolecules based multi-layers to be used as coatings for bio-medical materials.
Several different types of dendrimer macromolecules were synthesised to verify their suitability as bio-compatible coatings.

The synthesized molecules present two very interesting characteristics that open the way to different potential applications in the bio-medical and pharmaceutical sectors:
- The first and most interesting characteristic is represented by the possibility to functionalise the outer surface of the macromolecules with ad hoc chosen terminations; this is particularly appealing for bio-compatible coatings, in which a compatibility between prostheses and external environment must be established in order to avoid rejection;

- The second characteristic is represented by the presence of large voids inside the macromolecules volume, that could be positively exploited in applications such as drugs delivery and drugs release.
Further R&D work is needed to fully understand the potentiality of these macromolecules for the bio-medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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