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Electrostatic deposition of dendrimers multilayers. This special deposition procedure enables strong adhesion between the coating and the substrate

One of the investigated techniques for the deposition of dendrimers multi-layers is a single layer-by-layer deposition in which subsequent layers are kept sticked to the inner ones by means of electrostatic forces.

The strong interaction between adjacent layers, obtained by means of a tailored architecture of the layers, results in an excellent adhesion of the multi-layer coating to the substrate. A good adhesion between substrate and coating is fundamental for the utilisation of coated materials in applications in which frictions and stresses are present.

Various flat substrates were investigated, with different multi-layer combinations deposited on them. In particular, good adhesion properties were verified with stainless steel, silicon and plastic substrates.

Further R&D investigation is needed to verify the adhesion properties on odd-shaped substrates.

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