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The recycling technology for GRP waste (new thermoplastic composite production)

Using the high aspect ratio fibre obtained by the developed grinding system, recycled polyethylene and small amount of coupling agents, a new composite with good mechanical and rheological properties has been developed.

For blending all components a modular intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruder is used, a special screw configuration was studied to reduce the fibre break and increase its dispersion in the melt polymer.

PLASTICOS YUSA and ERYPLAST will licence the compound manufacture.

Further developments would be carried out to adapt the new developed composite to be used in new applications manufacture (in addition to the pallets production).

The experience of work with fragile fibres with high amount of gases developed in the compounding process can be transferred to others compounds such as natural fibres, etc.

The main potential barrier for the new compound market is the variability of the GRP wastes. Using waste with low amount of fibre or contaminated could be result in a reduction of the properties of the composite.

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