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Training materials for the e-Volution methodology and e-Volution tool kit

The training materials enable and support the use of the e-Volution tool kit and are addressed to SMEs using the e-Volution methodology and tool kit as well as any other potential customers like i.e. consultants, distributors and e-business service companies.

The e-Volution methodology covers the wide and complex range of business processes within Extended Enterprises (EE). For the full exploitation of the e-Vo methodology and tool kit an efficient training is necessary and helpful, adapted to the different needs and requirements of the various users. A clear understanding of the basic ideas and concept of e-Volution facilitates the use of e-Volution tool kit and avoids mistakes in application.

The training materials ensure the usability of software and methodology and facilitate the application of the toolkit.

The training materials include brochures, software user manuals and/or software help functionalities for self studies, trainings via internet/web based trainings, workshops and are now in the first planning phase.

Commercial value is possible by licensed workshops and consulting trainings.
According to the work plan, the development of the material has not been started yet.

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