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The website as information and communication platform

The website is conceived/developed as the communication and information platform for the e-Volution partners, the Interest and Reference Group (IRG) as well as the public and has different functionalities. The website provides general information about the e-Volution project and the project partners. It offers a closed workspace for its members, including an online forum for virtual discussions and a newsletter is in development. The event calendar provides information about regional and international events, workshops seminars etc with special focus on e-business related issues for SMEs. The linkage and integration of the European e-commerce information portal e-gateway to the e-Volution website offers a wide range of high value e-business information and news. Companies, institutions and networks which want to participate from the results of the project in an early stage and want to design the e-Volution toolkit to their own demands have the possibility of online registration which gives access to the membership area. In the further development of the e-Volution project the implementation of additional functionalities like integration of the Content Service Provider (CSP) is planned. At the end phase of project the website will serve as the portal for the dissemination and exploitation of e-Volution results.

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