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Absence of starter microbes in Limburger cheese

For the production of the Limburger cheese investigated a commercial smear starter culture containing Debaryomyces hansenii, Geotrichum candidum that is the anamorph form of G. geotrichum, Brevibacterium linens and Arthrobacter nicotianae was added to the cheese milk. In this study the latter two smear organisms were identified as the recently described species B. aurantiacum (Gavrish et al. 2004) and A. arilaitensis (Irlinger et al. 2004), respectively, by rep-PCR. FTIR spectroscopy and additional cluster analysis did not show similarity between the yeast smear starters and any of the 469 yeasts isolated from the nine Limburger cheeses of this study which were identified as D. hansenii or G. geotrichum. The same result was obtained for the bacterial smear starters. In a dendrogram containing the spectra of 420 coryneforms isolated from all Limburger project cheeses the spectra of the starter bacteria formed separate clusters although the coryneform isolates were also identified as B. aurantiacum and A. arilaitensis. Results for the bacteria were confirmed by rep-PCR and PFGE. In both cases the patterns of the bacterial smear starters were different when compared to these of the cheese isolates. Apparently, the yeast and bacterial starters did not succeed in the cheese environments.
Gavrish E.Y., Krauzova V.I., Potekhina N.V., Karasev S.G., Plotnikova E.G., Altyntseva O.V., Korosteleva L.A. and Evtushenko L.I. 2004. Three new species of Brevibacteria, Brevibacterium antiquum sp. nov., Brevibacterium aurantiacum sp. nov., and Brevibacterium permense sp. nov. Microbiology. 73: 176-183.
Irlinger F., Bimet F., Delettre J., Lefevre M. and Grimont P.A.D. 2004. Two new coryneform species isolated from the surface of French cheeses are species of the genus Arthrobacter: Arthrobacter bergerii sp. nov. and Arthrobacter arilaitensis sp. nov. submitted.

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