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Use of Ram-PCR to differentiate two closely related yeasts, Kluvyeromyces lactis and Kluveromyces marxianus

Kluyveromyces marxianus and Kluyveromyces lactis are two closely related yeasts isolated from dairy products, particularly from some fermented milks such as kefir and from many cheese. It is well known that these yeast cannot be easily differentiated using physiological or molecular tests. During this project, it was not possible to differentiate the two species by phenotypic investigations (physiological tests and FT-IR spectroscopy) or by the use of PCR primers targeting the lac4 gene.

We developed a protocol using the RAM-PCR technique which allowed the differentiation of the two type strains of K. marxianus (CBS 712T) and K. lactis (CBS 683T) and showed that all Livarot isolates belonged to K. lactis. Isolates belonging to the same species showed the same profile, differing from the other. These results are going to be disseminated by the mean of a scientific paper, which have to be prepared (some additional results have to be obtained before).

No benefits are expected. End-users of these results are the scientific community working in particular in mycology, but also cheese producers and producers of commercial strains of microorganisms for the smear cheese industry. This technique was used with others primers to differentiate other yeast species from wine. The primer used in this work allowed also the differentiation of nine other species from cheese.

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