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High-level B-vitamin production by natural food bacteria

High level B-vitamin production by natural food bacteria:

We have developed, validated and applied new methods to select natural B-vitamin producing food grade bacteria. From the NIZO culture collection, Propionibacterium freudenreichii strains were selected with relatively high folate production. These P. freudenreichii are natural producers of vitamin B12. Subsequently, these strains were treated with riboflavin (vitamin B2) analogues to obtain natural riboflavin overproducers with a stable phenotype. These strains were deposited in the NIZO culture collection. The triple B-vitamin (B2, B11 and B12) producing P. freudenreichii strain B2336 has been used in pilot yoghurt production trials.

We have developed a method for co-fermentation of P. freudenreichii with a traditional yoghurt starter culture. The method consists of a pre-fermentation with a propionibacterium strain followed by fermentation with the classical yoghurt starter. The method of sequential inoculation yields good viable counts of the propionibacterium, which results in increased levels of B-vitamins in the end-product. If the strain P. freudenreichii NIZO B2336 was used in pilot production trial, a doubling of the amount of vitamin B2 was found in the product.

NIZO food research has initiated contract research with one of the partners in the NutraCells consortium to bring the prototype production process for making a fermented dairy product with increased B-vitamin levels into the product development trajectory.

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