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Lactose-conversion to glucose; natural sweetening during fermentation

A glucose Ylactose+ L. lactis strain was delivered. This strain produces glucose as a natural sweetener in milk products and has the additional benefit of reducing the lactose content of those products. Experimental dairy products using this strain have beeb produced at NIZO food research. The results will be combined and a manuscript will be submitted shortly.

Deletion of the genes coding for glucokinase, mannose-PTS (PTSman) and cellobiose-PTS (PTScel) is required and sufficient to completely block glucose metabolism in L. lactis. The PTScel was shown to be an alternative glucose uptake system in L. lactis. Contribution of the different glucose transport system was evaluated by studying strains with different deletion combinations of glk (glucokinase), ptnABCD (PTSman) and ptcBA (PTScel). Glucose metabolism was studied by in vivo NMR, several biochemical assays (14C-glucose uptake assays, enzyme activities, etc) and transcriptome analysis of some strains was performed to investigate molecular mechanisms governing glucose uptake in this organism. A manuscript reporting this data is in late stage of preparation. Analysis of glucokinase-deficient strains indicated an interaction between glucokinase and the PTSman that restricts transport through the latter under certain conditions. The nature of this interaction will be explored in a follow-up project.

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