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Two types of POF transceivers dedicated to IEEE 1394 and avionic datacom applications have been designed and prototyped.
The first one is based on a VCSEL from Honeywell and operates at 850 nm on Lucina fibre from Nexans. The second one is based on the 650nm VCSEL developed by the Firecomms and is compatible with 1 mm Eska Mega Fibre from Mitsubishi (cabled by Nexans). The packaging of both transceivers is inspired from the Small Form Factor (SFF) multi source agreement.

850 nm transceivers operate from -40°C to +85°C thanks to a patent enabling the regulation of the output optical power of the VCSELs. The new temperature regulation process provides degradation less than 1 dB over -40°C to +85°C.

Using the new ELIO optical contact for severe environment developed by
Souriau (previously FCI), the 650-nm transceiver is the first connectorized POF module compliant with avionics requirements in terms of vibration. Regulation needs to be improved, thanks to better appropriate drivers.
Since, minimizing cost and power consumption were two of the main targets of Motifes transceivers, Automotive manufacturers could potentially be interested by such products. For the moment, D-Lightsys, spin-off of Thales Research and Technology is in contact with avionics manufacturer for a futur integration of their products in aircraft systems.

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