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Cabin crew console with biprocessor architecture to handle CIDS and IFE system management in parallel

The Cabin Crew Console will be the common panel for the cabin crew to operate all relevant applications from one terminal. It will reduce the workload of the cabin crew and therefore increase the efficiency considerable during their daily work. Cabin Management related functions could be controlled and monitored by the 15" touch screen LCD in the full screen mode. All applications, which are not safety critical, will be running on a server in the "open world". The key feature of the CCC is the innovative concept for hard- and software partitioning through one graphic processor, which will result in an overlay frame on top of the Cabin Management application.

Together with the CIDS Simulation, the System Management Application (SMA) will demonstrate the capabilities of hard- and software segregation in the ANAIS environment.
The intuitive philosophy of the man machine interface of the Cabin Management System pages was adapted to the SMA. This will lead to a reduced training effort for the cabin crew.

Potential customers for the CCC will be Airbus for the standard configuration, with only single processor configuration, but could also be any airline which will decide for the optional version with second processor. In addition it will be possible to install stand alone CCC's on board of any aircraft.
The first prototype of the CCC will be presented on IFE-exhibitions such as WAEA, Cabin Interior and IPEC.

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