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The novel turbine rear frame structure technologies using advanced manufacturing technologies have developed tools around simulation of the manufacturing processes. Today analytical tools as finite element and computational fluid dynamics are extensively used in the design of all types of components. The development of a similar set of tools for the manufacturing processes will in the future allow the control of the effect of manufacturing aspects The development of manufacturing simulation tools in WP 1.6 have focused on weld simulation tools in the design process and the development have been performed in partnership with the university of Lulea allowing the distribution of knowledge to other areas. The tool used have allowed simulation of a full weld sequence of a complex fabrication and helps answer questions like, what is the optimal design to minimize deformation due to welding and what welding sequence should be applied. The application of these tools on a real component has been essential to establish criteria for efficient use of this kind of tools. The application of the weld simulation in the development process is applicable to all types of process development of welding not only within the aeronautical industrial.

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