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Integration of a distributed and electrically controlled lubrication system

ANTLE project result is the integration and the demonstration of the distributed and electrically controlled lubrication system for which design rules have been produced in the former ATOS project.

The main parts of this result are: electric motors, pumps, sensors, power electronics and control electronics

The result details are:

Control system
This first integration of electrically driven pumps mechanically independent of the NHP speed resulted in the:

- Design from scratch and the demonstration of an alarm strategy in order to protect the different engine components. A hierarchy of the failures, the associated damages and reconfiguration strategies was defined.

- Design and the validation of a control strategy of the engine parameters for each engine condition. The control of the bearings generated heat flow, of the housing outlet temperature and of the housing has been demonstrated. Open loop (based on a model) and closed loop (based on engine measurements) control strategies have been successfully demonstrated.
- Design and the validation of the integration of the oil system controller as a node on a distributed architecture bus.
- Electric motors that were designed built and validated in a environment representative of a production engine. According to the different parts of the engine, different strategies were developed for cooling (oil or air wrt the temperature) and bracketing (damping or stiffening wrt vibration and temperature).

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