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New parachute deployment analysis tool

The deployment analysis tool is capable of modelling the opening shocks and g- loads during deployment of multi stage parachute systems containing both round canopies and parafoils. The necessary calculation techniques for each sequence from aircraft release to the steady flight including free fall phases, the stabilisation phase and reefing stages of the main parachute for variable payload masses were developed. The calculation techniques were translated to implement the calculation into a software tool. The graph force/time for the structural integrity and the analysis of the simulated forces during the entire opening process is the result for the predication of the FASTWing relevant design. This "Deployment Analysis Tool" is capable to calculate with an indefinite number of different parachutes with an indefinite number of reefing stages.

Validation showed that the simulation factors for the FASTWing canopy seem to be found. The Deployment Analysis Tool shows good force-over-time development as presented within this document. In most cases there was a slight over prediction of occurring accelerations. For the layout of the parafoil deployment stages and for the material selection of each stage (incl. suspension lines and canopy textiles) the results of this deployment software tool are very satisfying and reliable for development of parafoils in future projects.

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