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Optimal extraction method for Lycopene containing wax for the application in cosmetic products by CO2 extraction

The Lycopene containing wax (up to 1,3% Lycopene; yield: 1,5% dry wt) can be extracted from the dried, milled tomato residue as well as from the intermediate dried, milled residue by means of supercritical CO2 under the following conditions:
-T1= 80 °C ; T2 = 35 °C
-P1 = 296 bar; p2 = 50 bar
-Using 15% w/w Ethanol as co-solvent

The extract is separated by centrifugation in order to obtain the Lycopene containing wax in the middle fraction.

The Lycopene containing wax can be extracted separately when only the dried, milled peels are extracted under the same conditions as described above.

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