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databases on human exposure to different environmental effects

1. Regional database on human exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors.

Database on human exposure to persistent organohalogenated chemicals. In numbers, the database contains information on 18 chemical residues quantified in 350 placentas, 150 samples of cord blood, and 150 samples of blood from mothers, 650 samples from 18-70-year-old women, 180 from 2-12-year-old boys, 280 from 18-23-year-old men and 250 from 25-70-year-old men.

2. Database on human semen quality (280 18-23 year-old men)

3. Bio-repository on human tissues: placenta, serum and adipose tissue. Samples, obtained following ethical and technical requirements, are stored at the Regional Bank of Human Tissues, located in the Hospital Clinico, and maintained by the Regional Government.

4. A new methodology for assessment of human exposure to environmental estrogens.

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