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BTV inactivated vaccines have been produced at commercial levels

Strains of virulent bluetongue virus were isolated from the field.
Based on previous experience, the African Horse Sickness (AHS) vaccine production process has been taken as a reference to develop inactivated bluetongue vaccine production at industrial scale.

Merial developed a bluetongue virus serotype 2 (BTV2) and serotype 4 (BTV4) production process and analytical tools.

Efficacy and safety of these vaccines were verified by vaccination ¿ challenge studies.

Industrial bivalent vaccine BTV2 / BTV4 was produced at industrial scale and delivered to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal under temporary authorizations of use. Populations of ruminant have been vaccinated.

The development of vaccines to BTV serotypes 9 and 16 was started, to reach Merial's objective of including all the European serotypes to the range of vaccines available to fight the disease.

The inactivated vaccine is not only an effective, innocuous and easily tolerated vaccine it also meets the practical and economic demands of mass prevention. These are prerequisites for an efficacious strategy of control and prevention of the disease, which can lead to the eradication of the bluetongue in the southern European Union.

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