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A range of carrier systems & novel adjuvants have been developed & evaluated that are likely to enhance BTV vaccine efficiency

During the course of this project various carrier systems & adjuvant were investigated to generate immune responses to recombinant virus like particles (VLP) in a mouse model. In vitro serum neutralization antibody titres from the sera collected from guinea pigs immunized with purified BTV particles were also evaluated.

For the first time it was demonstrated that Oligodeoxy nucleotides (ODN) containing immuno- stimulatory CpG motifs either alone or with combinations of adjuvant or with carrier systems not only enhanced immune responses but also developed a mixed type (Th1/Th2) immune response to recombinant VLPs of BTV when delivered subcutaneous or nasally. A very strong synergistic effect was observed between alum & CpG. Adsorption/association of VLP & CpG to the positively charged microparticles & liposomal & dimethyldioctadecylammonium bromide (DDA) formulations have shown to further improve adjuvant activity.

Microencapsulated BTV-1 ISVPs along with alum co-encapsulated microspheres enhanced serum neutralization antibody responses compared to the group of guinea pigs that received BTV-1 ISVPs alone. Guinea pigs immunized with Montanide & non ionic block co-polymers or in combination with chitosan glutamate resulted in a serum neutralization antibody immune response similar to that obtained with Freud�s complete adjuvant (FCA), which is a significant finding as FCA is a potent adjuvant but limited in clinical application due to its unsuitability for use in humans. Alum in the presence of chitosan, enhanced the titre of serum neutralization antibodies produced.

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