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An NS2-based ELISA has been developed that may enable differentiation between animals infected or vaccinated with live virus & those vaccinated with any of the proposed 2nd generation vaccines

It is important to be able to distinguish between animals that have been vaccinated and those that have been infected with field strains of virus so that the effectiveness of the control campaign can be assessed and so that continuing presence of field strains can be monitored.

An ELISA, that detects antibodies to the BTV non-structural protein NS2, has now been developed that allows discrimination between animals vaccinated with most non-replicating �second generation� vaccines (i.e. VLP, CLP or purified protein-based) and those infected with or vaccinated with live virus. A disadvantage of the assay is that animals vaccinated with partially purified but inactivated vaccines (i.e. first generation inactivated vaccines), which may contain small amounts of NS2, can develop antibodies to this protein, which will confound the ELISA results.

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