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Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane lipoprotein (OprI) as an adjuvant for CSFV vaccines in swine

A new adjuvant for subunit recombinant protein vaccines for application in pigs was tested. This was based on Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane lipoprotein (OprI). It was studied in combination with recombinant viral E2 protein.

The OprI was found to activate porcine DCs and effect a co-stimulatory action on T-cells. This was dependent on the OprI lipid tail. Thus, OprI is a potent immunostimulator of DC activity, and can enhance T-cell responses against CSFV. Due to these results, the adjuvant potential of OprI was tested with an E2 vaccine. OprI did not increase the efficacy of an optimal dose of E2, but was effective with sub-optimal doses. In the latter case, OprI promoted the formation of CSFV-neutralizing antibodies, but did not increase the number of IFN-gamma producing cells. In other trial, OprI in combination with E2 caused an increase in antibody titers and in interferon-gamma production. Altogether, these results confirm that OprI has interesting immunostimulatory activities.

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