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Novel platelet antigens

Gov & CD109 The Cambridge team established the molecular basis of the Gov alloantigens and typing assays based on PCR amplification. The relevant fragment of the CD109 gene have been developed. Appropriate monoclonal antibodies against CD109 have been identified for the use in MAIPA. The molecular basis of the Gov antigen system has been protected by a patent application between the Universities of Toronto and Cambridge. Recombinant CD109 fragments for Gov antibody detection are currently being expressed in C41 E. Coli. GPVI The Cambridge team determined the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) map of GPVI. Over 1100 donors have been genotyped for the GPVI SNPs. GPVIaa and GPVIbb donors have been identified.
Platelets from these homozygous donors and recombinant GPVI antibodies can now be used in the MAIPA to determine whether GPVI is an alloantigen.

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