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NAIT clinical database : a European network

The Consortium decided to collaborate with an experienced computing firm, the Dendrite company, to have a software for the collection and analysis of the clinical and biological cases of Neonatal Alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT) developed.

Dendrite Clinical Systems provide a sophisticated clinical outcomes database management system that creates an environment in which the analysis and reporting of data becomes biologically and clinically meaningful. The Dendrite software is a unique clinical outcomes software, providing clinical users with the ability to track time related clinical data for analysis of any medical or surgical procedure, all within a single software environment.

The software allows an extensive array of in built analytic and risk modelling functionalities:

- Simple distribution analyses (single group, multi group descriptive statistics squared with Chiand Yates tests, t-tests
- Longitudinal Analysis (Kaplan Meier, Cox Regression, and Hazard curves for both survival and event free analysis)
- Sequential Outcome Analysis (CUSUM, CRAM, CRAO, VLAD, SPRTS)
- Volume/Outcome Analysis (Funnel Plots)
- Risk Scoring Evaluation (ROC curves and calibration plotting)
- Risk Scoring Algorithms (POSSUM, Parsonnnet, Cleveland Clinic Scoring, EuroSCORE, Bayes and Neural Networks)
- Advanced Data Analysis and links to SPSS/S-Plus/Crystal Reports

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