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DEMACSYS Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: ICA2-CT-2001-10005
Gefördert unter: FP5-INCO 2
Land: Ukraine

Application of parts of DEMACSYS tool generated solutions (methodology, algorithms, heuristic procedure, and software) by industrial partner SODRU in its engineering services aimed at development of s

The project major output is the development of a decision support DEMACSYS tool. In many ways it is a novel integrated tool for generating cost effective and environmentally friendly engineering solutions and managerial decisions. This has been tested and proved on case studies provided by Shchekinoazot and Moscow refinery.

However the DEMACSYS application outside these companies requires some fine tuning and upgrading of the system to account for the individual company features. The reason for that is that each processing plant has its own specifics, technology and geographical location and meteorological features.

Sodruzhestvo T has a good record of engineering services provided to industrial companies and residential sector. It also has gained much experience during this project being one of the major system developers. DEMACSYS basically consists of a Knowledge base of production rules, databases on emission sources, meteorological features and pollution indexes, and pollution distribution zone maps. Tailor-made design, retrofit, operation and management on the basis of DEMACSYS generated solutions will be another service provided by Sodruzhestvo T.

The market opportunities for this kind of services are considered quite favourable in the FSU. Stricter environmental regulations, public awareness and economic incentives will contribute to the demand of this service.

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Sodruzhestvo T
Per.Krasnoznamenniy 2, k.19
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